Open the doors to Esmé on Miami Beach’s famed Española Way and enter a world where time slips away – a hotel where the swagger and moxie of the past infiltrates the present to thrilling effect. Esmé’s collection of historic buildings and walkways recaptures the spirit of a Spanish Village, enveloping 145 guest rooms and suites, and five dining and drinking destinations, all influenced by the delightfully checkered past of this location. Once an artists’ colony where Desi Arnaz started a craze for the rumba and Al Capone’s cronies ran less-than-legal card games—Esmé has been made over with all the trappings of an of-the-moment destination.

Re-imagined for a modern Miami cultural age with rich textures, hidden enclaves, and bright flavors, Esmé is a freshly unearthed Art Nouveau gem hidden in plain sight. A transportive place worth getting all dolled up for—or the perfect hideaway. Come with an open mind and you’ll leave with that classic whiz-bang, let’s-do-that-again-feeling.

Esmé Miami Beach
1438 Washington Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139